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Art Couture Event, May 2019

Penthouse Pop-Up at the Westbury Mayfair

This has been a long-awaited event for the admirers of my work and the story of Aigana Gali Art Couture. This event was a sneak preview of some of the pieces from the new collection. I have been using new cuts and interesting new painting techniques to create these beautiful coats. A special thank you goes to The Westbury Mayfair for hosting such a beautiful event at their penthouse suite.

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“Leda. Catharsis” and “The Holy Gardens” - Art Preview

Art Couture Event, 2018

Art Preview and Trunk Show at Grace Belgravia

Somehow this place always attracts the most interesting and beautiful people. I have literally lost count how many times I have had goosebump moments from talking with you about the "Leda. Catharsis" and "The Holy Gardens" art exhibition, as well as the Art Couture collection. Thank you all so much for your support and for inspiring me to do more and better!


Art Couture Event, 2018

Trunk Show at the South Kensington Club

The moment I first entered SKC,  I knew it is my place! I always wanted to have a special event here! So it felt natural, after the first successful show in Grace to have my second show here! And ohhh, how right it was! We spent the whole day in this beautiful cosy space having cocktails, dancing to Cuban music and having friends over throughout the day! Even more of my coats, jackets and shirts travelled in my hand painted bags to their new homes! Next one booked in October!


Art Couture Event, 2018

Trunk Show at the Grace Belgravia Ladies Club

This was my first ever trunk show! I was scared and anxious prior to the event, having nightmares that no one wanted to come and see my coats!

I had spent my whole life dreaming, plus another two years of work on my collection and finally here I was, with my collection of warm coats! What happened after was a dream, not a nightmare!

The show started at 10am and by 10.15 my first Bird Cape found his proud owner! By 7pm the event had finished and half of the collection gone!!! I cannot put in words my feelings! It brings so much satisfaction to be understood and rewarded with an appreciation for your work! Thank you to all my friends and clients for being there and taking my creations to your lives!

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Art Commission, 2017-2018

Art Commission for St Regis Hotel by Aigana Gali

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Art Commission, 2017-2018

Art Commission for St Regis Hotel by Aigana Gali