Dervish Coat - "The Comets"

Dervish Coat - "The Comets"


"The Comets"

Dervishes are wise travellers of Central Asia who abandoned domestic live in order to pursue spiritual wisdom by traveling.  Mystical dervish orders wore distinctive minimalistic robes. The Robe was everything for the travellers - their shelter, their distinction and the costume for their beautiful meditative ritual dancing. 

Dervishes were great spiritual teachers and shared their wisdom through fables, myths and legends. In this series of capes Aigana Gali reflects on their stories full of mystery and deep knowledge. The impeccable minimalistic cut and luxurious combination of silks, cashmere, linen and velvet , made these coats timeless pieces of Art Couture.


Outshell - cashmere, silk organza

Collar - silk velvet

Lining - silk

Finish - silver/gold leaf + painting


Dry cleaning only

No direct ironing on gold/silver leaf finish

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