Swallow Cape - "Magician Cape"

Swallow Cape - "Magician Cape"


“Magician Cape”

This series of capes do not have a direct story behind them, instead they create an atmosphere around the person who owns it. Wearing the piece is to surround yourself with flying birds, or rather flying together with the birds or becoming a  magician, an astronomer, a real life super-hero, who threads his path through the stars and comets. Each piece has an elegant timeless cut which has been perfected by our Belgium manufacturer and made from the most luxurious cashmere and silk, the coats are then finished by Aigana Gali artist’s hands in her studio in London.

Please note: Some lookbook images and videos only show the cut, not the individual design.  For individual design, please refer to the top of the product gallery. 


Small, Medium

(due to the special cut, our “small” covers sizes from 6 to 12, our “medium” covers all sizes from 8 to 14)


Outshell - cashmere (loro piana)

Lining - silk

Finish - silver/gold leaf


Dry cleaning only

No direct ironing on gold/silver leaf finish

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