Painter's Robe - "The Poet"

Painter's Robe - "The Poet"


“The Poet”

These models are a celebration of colours and paints in the artist’s studio. Dive into the colour and find out how it feels to be an artist covered with splashes of paint after working on a painting. 

These striking shirts are long enough to be worn as an “impossible to not notice” “head turning” dress. 

First made in our Belgian atelier from a beautiful, high quality and heavy cotton fabric. They are then taken to our studio in London, where each one is embroidered and then painted individually in a unique creative act by Aigana Gali.



(due to the special cut, our medium covers all sizes from 8 to 14)


Outshell - 100% heavyweight cotton

Finish - paint, embroidery, crystals


Dry cleaning only

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