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Aigana Gali

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Aigana Gali is an acclaimed Fine artist, whose artistic core and talent express themselves through elaborate concepts of duality and the study of opposing themes, such as physical world and spiritual beliefs, reality and imagination, human constructions and nature, being and nothingness. 

Born of Georgian and Kazakh descent, Aigana Gali was raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the ancient crossing on the Great Silk Road, where Asia and Europe mix to give the world a unique blend of culture. She completed her Bachelor’s degree from Almaty State University and and at the Kazakh Academy of Science. After moving to London, she gained her Master’s Degree at Sotheby's Institute of Art whilst working as a Art Councillor at the Kazakh-British Council. 


Aigana Gali’s Art Couture is a breakthrough concept, crossing the art and fashion worlds to offer unique statement clothing.  

The impeccable Aigana Gali’s Art Couture collections include signature coats and shirts made from luxurious natural fabrics, to which unique designs and artworks are applied. Each bespoke or limited-edition piece carries a certificate of authenticity making it a wearable, collectable piece of art.