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Aigana Gali

Aigana Gali Profile Photo


For as long as she can remember, Aigana Gali has been inspired to express the beauty she sees in nature and the world around her, through her art.

Aigana’s dramatic paintings and striking photographs reflects the myriad cultures and contrasts which have always been a part of her being. Raised on the ancient crossing on the Great Silk Road in Almaty, Kazakhstan, she delighted in its unique blend of Asian and European influences. There, she first discovered the creative vision and international outlook which guide her work to this day...

Over the years, Aigana’s talents as an artist have been recognised across the world. She has exhibited her paintings many times, perhaps most notably at the Georgian National Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of the Arts’ in Kazakhstan. She also brings her skills to create major commissioned works, with previous clients including St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, Marriott Hotels and The Ritz-Carlton.


Aigana’s Manifestations label uniquely blends her artistic ideas with the world of fashion. She brings her visions and dreams to life through luxury, art-couture clothing, designed be worn and enjoyed time and again.

Aigana was first immersed in the world of high-couture as a young model in Paris. There, she developed a deep appreciation of how clothing can transform, protect and celebrate the person within. Later, as she was establishing her reputation as a costume designer for theatre and ballet, the idea of art-couture came to her. Despite high-profile projects including a solo performance by Edward Watson, a Principal of The Royal Ballet, she yearned to follow her own creative path.

In her Manifestations collection, Aigana brilliantly fuses her skill as a couturier with her artistic vision, to create timeless, limited-edition pieces, for all who dress to be admired.